Welcome to Timlah’s Texts, a weekly blog where I’ll talk about my projects. Every Wednesday, there will be a new article, discussing different aspects of my various projects. Some weeks I may share tips and tricks; other weeks I will share the progress that I have made on my projects.

For six years, I wrote on my main blog, GeekOut UK. If you are into geek culture, please do go and check out some of our old articles. I poured my heart and soul into those posts, as well as the geek gatherings I ran as part of the blog. It’s also through GeekOut UK that I learned of my love for writing.

However, leaving GeekOut UK behind has given me the chance to work on some of my passions. Not only am I more invested in writing, but I’m able to work on my love for video games.

Stick around, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy my weekly blog posts. Alternatively, if you’d like to hire me to write some content for you, please check out My Services. If you want to get in touch, you can do so via my Contact Me page.

Thank you for reading.
– Timlah