Writing: Fly The Great Ravine

When The Wanderer was first brought to Hrontholm, he found life to be fairly straight-forward. He wasn’t a man who found a straight-forward life to be particularly interesting. Fifty years has passed since The Great Ravine was formed. In those fifty years, contact between the two sides of The Divide has perished nearly completely. But with the companionship of a highly intelligent elf, The Wanderer decides now is the time to cross that ravine.

But just how can they get over what has never been crossed before?

More information will be added here as time goes on. Currently in the editing stage of the novel, which was initially written during NaNoWriMo 2019. At the time of writing, I ended up with over 70,000 words, which is 20,000 over NaNoWriMo’s set goal.