RPG Progress #8

A very short one this week, just to show that I’m still working on the prototype. Here are two things that I was working on last week:

  • Quest Log – The quest details panel previously only had a single button for abandoning quests – and this button wasn’t coded in. This abandon quest button has now been coded and a “Back” button was added, to allow players to go back to the previous screen.
The Abandon and Back buttons added to the Journal details screen.
  • NPCs – I added in a couple more pieces for how NPCs interact with the players. I’ll need to redo this once the prototype’s done, so for now it’s the bare minimum.

My next step is to work on the combat system again. I’ve figured that will be one of the most important parts of the prototype. I’m going to introduce basic attacks and figure how the abilities will interact with those attacks. I’ve begun building up my personal Confluence page, so I can track my ideas a bit better, so perhaps next week if I’ve not progressed the combat system, I’ll show more about Confluence and how I use it.

That’s it for this week – I said it’d be short! Thanks as always, much love all.
– Timlah


RPG Prototype Progress #4

I took a week off from posting last week, however I made a bit more progress on the prototype. One thing I thought I’d talk about today is making models for rapid prototyping. I could have used Blender, which is my typical go-to for 3d modelling… However sometimes you don’t need all that power and just want to create a shape, give it a face colour and export it to be used in your prototype in minutes.

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RPG Prototype Progress #2

Last week I shared some gifs and screenshots of what I’ve been up to. This week, I’m going to give a much shorter, more concise discussion on what has been worked on since then.

Inventory Improvements

I tightened up the inventory a little bit, making it so that items can be picked up and removed without the need for the inventory screen to be open at all times. Thankfully. I did this by putting the data for items in the inventory in a separate place than the inventory slots themselves.

The data is stored in a separate location than the main inventory logic, allowing it to be easier to access.


The first step I took was to make enemies chase the player when they get too close. After I added damage, skills and more enemy data to work with.

I wrote a small script to allow me to set up enemies quickly and easily. I used this free goblin on the Unity Asset Store to get experimenting with, but in essence these enemies can see when a player is too close to them, then respond to the player by chasing them. If they’re close enough, they’ll hit the enemy and this is controlled by a global cooldown on their abilities too.

My goal is to add some more AI capabilities to these enemies; when they see a tree, they might chop it if they’re a humanoid type. If they have a fire near them, they might sit by it and eat. Little things like this, but this is some polish that’ll come much later in this prototype.

Next week’s goal

By the next time I post, I hope to have a bit more combat related work done. I hope to have a few basic abilities usable for the player, for the player to be able to hit the enemies back and perhaps for a death state to be added in.

Thanks for reading. Take care and keep safe!

Geeky love to you all
– Timlah

Recent Practices in Unity3D

Hey all, it’s been a while (again) but here I am. My work ramped up a lot, to where I was spending every day studying. I’m now at a point where I feel more comfortable in my work and can pick up my hobbies again… More specifically, I can pick up game dev again and do some more work in Unity.

Recently, I felt an urge to try and make the basis of an RPG that focuses around different types of skilling. Now, this would often point people to MMOs and in fairness, this was modelled around the concept of an MMO (Don’t worry, I’m not making an MMO. Even I’m not that mad. I think.) However, I want to get something out there sooner rather than later, so I thought I’d work on a prototype this past weekend. In a short space of time, I went from an empty project to something with placeholder assets and working functionality.

Whenever I go to work on this, I sort of come up with an idea of what I’d like to work on for the day. I came up with a few basic tickets which I’ve been working through. The tickets included:

  1. Add a Player Character with some requirements:
    1. Use an asset to represent the character ☑️
    2. Sort out a basic movement script ☑️
    3. Add stats ☑️
    4. Add an inventory ☑️
    5. Add skills
  2. Add some basic interactable objects
    1. Make a base Interactable script for different implementations ☑️
    2. Add trees that drop logs ☑️
    3. Add a door that opens and closes ☑️
    4. Add rocks that drop ore
  3. Create a basic enemy
  4. Create a basic UI
    1. Health Bar ☑️
    2. Resource Bar ☑️
    3. Mini-map ☑️
    4. Skill Bar ☑️
    5. Character Plate ☑️
    6. Social Plate ☑️
    7. Inventory Plate ☑️
    8. XP Plate

My goal isn’t to make this look good right now, but just to add in the core functionality and see if a couple of people close to me finds that it works as intended. So long as it works, I can then start to make the game look better, add more features and scenes and make it into something much larger.

I have no timescales to speak of, instead I’m taking the view of just completing this bit by bit. The first gif you saw represented what was done after a couple of hours (Which was taken on Saturday). I’ve spent a few hours every day, and this is the progress I’ve made:

Again, I’m currently not looking to make it look good. I want to know it all works as intended first. So far, I seem to be on the right track!

I’ll keep you posted with more gifs in the coming weeks until the prototype is finished.

Meanwhile, for anyone who was reading this site regularly, I apologise. Work meant I was studying a lot and even though I’m still studying for work, it’s nice being able to pick this back up again and work on something that’s a bit of a laugh. But hey, this weekend is a bank holiday in the UK. I think I’ll have a bit more time to work through some of my tickets on this.

On another note

I was thinking about the future of this site recently. I’ll likely be building another website, which could link to this one as my blog. The other website can display my non-game projects, whereas this can display my game updates. Time will tell, I have a lot of restructuring to consider.

Thanks for reading, keep safe and cosy.

Much love and happy gaming folk,

– Timlah

2021 Week Four – Movement and February’s Goals

Last week I made mention that movement had become a bit of a sticking point. Fortunately, that’s a moot point now that we’re in February and we’re able to move forward (Pun intended). With that said, I thought I’d talk briefly about what I did to get around the issues and then I’ll chat about the board and about what the goals for the month are.

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2021 Week Three – Isometric Tilemaps

The update this week is fairly short, in that there’s been a bit of work done around the tilemaps and getting used to how they work. It turns out there’s an option in the tilemap system which allows you to make an Isometric 2D game. This is exactly what I was looking for, however this isn’t without its own complications.

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