2021 Week Four – Movement and February’s Goals

Last week I made mention that movement had become a bit of a sticking point. Fortunately, that’s a moot point now that we’re in February and we’re able to move forward (Pun intended). With that said, I thought I’d talk briefly about what I did to get around the issues and then I’ll chat about the board and about what the goals for the month are.

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2021 Week Three – Isometric Tilemaps

The update this week is fairly short, in that there’s been a bit of work done around the tilemaps and getting used to how they work. It turns out there’s an option in the tilemap system which allows you to make an Isometric 2D game. This is exactly what I was looking for, however this isn’t without its own complications.

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2021 Week Two: Tilemap, SFX, Trello Improvements and Future Considerations

What a title.

So the past week has been busy. But it’s been busy in small spatterings. Once per week, I’ll be writing about the progress I made towards developing this new game. There’s a lot to cover; this week may seem all over the place, but by the end of this post, hopefully you’ll understand the very scattergunned approach.

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2021 Week One: Project Setup

Starting the first week of 2021, my goal was to go back to the project from last year and just start again. In the old build, there’s too much tech debt to reasonably continue – by tech debt, I mean too much code that needs improving and I wanted to change the direction of it all. I grew frustrated at how tangled the code was getting, how it visually looked and how I didn’t even have source control properly setup, more in that in a little bit.

Here’s what I got up to with week one of development – This is a lot of setup, so if you’re interested in the process of starting a larger project, this’ll give you some ideas on how to go about it yourself.

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2020 On Reflection

This was a year that I set out to achieve a lot in a fairly short space of time. I didn’t manage every goal, but I managed enough to do plenty in 2021. A lot of my goals revolved around topics discussed on this site – albeit sporadically. My new job was a welcome surprise to the year, which slowed down my plans for game development, but it has in many ways opened me up to better game development techniques.

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Game dev updates

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s good reason, but in all honesty that gets thrown around a lot. The truth is, I’ve not been keeping up with posting about my game dev adventures because of a lack of motivation whilst also learning new skills at work. Skills such as Docker, Docker-Compose, Terraform, AWS – Useful skills for my work and also for some webapp based work. However, I’ve come to a realisation about what to do next… And a way to add more content back here again.

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Full Motion Video (FMV) Adventure Game – A Basic Demo

Last week, I was contacted by Phil who has commented on this site a few times. He’s a good friend who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since about 2013-2014. His first impression of me was of a short guy cosplaying Edward Elric and being chased around by a Slenderman. What a day that was… Nevertheless, he reached out and asked what would be needed to make an FMV game. I told him I’d do one better than that – I’d make a simple demo to explain the principles behind it.

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Matchagana – A matching ‘game’?

What happens when you start learning a new language? No, I’m not talking about a programming language, I mean a normal everyday language. You find that there are hurdles to get over – and for me, one of these hurdles is memorising Hiragana. As a way to practice Python, I created Matchagana, where you match Hiragana to its Romaji equivalent.

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