2021 Week Two: Tilemap, SFX, Trello Improvements and Future Considerations

What a title.

So the past week has been busy. But it’s been busy in small spatterings. Once per week, I’ll be writing about the progress I made towards developing this new game. There’s a lot to cover; this week may seem all over the place, but by the end of this post, hopefully you’ll understand the very scattergunned approach.

Trello Improvements

I guess first and foremost, let’s get one of the easiest pieces out of the way with. The Trello board has been given a bit of a facelift since last week. Now we have stickers for various different types of cards, so there’s a bit of context about what the card is before you click on it. For instance, we have a development sticker, a graphics sticker, audio – etc. There’s a bit more information in the first list on the board.

This seems like a nice enough segue into…

Future Considerations

I’m keen to get peoples thoughts early on. I’ve prepared a survey for anyone who’s keeping up with the project. The survey is to try and capture stretch goals for the game, but it may also impact the current development lifecycle of the game. Some things may need a rethink as to how to structure the game, so I’ll be curious to hear from anyone interested about it.

There’s some ideas I’ve got about making a level editor of sorts, but I wonder if there’s any demand for those in this day and age, where we have creation suites like Mario Maker, Dreams and RPG Maker. There’s some more thoughts in there too, so share all you want to share. You can access the survey here.


I used a free asset to see how the tileset system works. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the tileset feature works out of the box.

Tilemaps are a way to build up a world in a relatively low-effort way. When you build a virtual world, if you’re doing it in 3D, you may make lots of objects, then effectively “paint” them with textures. With 2D worlds, you can still do something like this, but this depends on the setup of your game. You may, however, want a purely 2D world which has a sort of top-down view. That is where a tilemap system can come in handy.

After a quick bit of research, I found Unity has its own tilemap system. I had to check to see if I had it installed with my version of Unity, by checking the Package Manager. Once I checked for this, I was able to find it fairly easily in the Window menu and away I go. All I had to do was choose a file that would represent the tileset in question and Unity did all the hard work, making all of the various sprites into a tile. The above is an example of how the tileset system looks – I think it’s fantastic.

Couple this with the layer system set up last week, we’re rolling towards building some levels.


The last, quick bit to put out is that I started making some SFX. Only a couple of basic pieces, which you can find an example of on the first SFX card here.

If you’re wondering how to quickly put together some SFX for yourself, if you’re like me in that you’re not much of a musician, but you are happy to make some good enough stuff, you should check out this amazing tool called sfxr. This allows you to autogenerate some SFX for your own games, videos or otherwise. Free software is amazing.

If you want to make some free music, but don’t want to download a complicated tool like FL Studios, try BeepBox.

Over the next week I’ll be looking into bringing this all together. I hope to have a character walking around, interacting with GameObjects. I’ll also make a start on setting up the inventory interface and setting up a couple of objects, such as enemies, skills etc. Hopefully, the character will move around a fairly nonsensical map, be able to “pick up” a GameObject and if the inventory interface is sorted, be able to have that object in their inventory.

With that, I hope you all have a great week and until next time, take care and much love to all.
– Timlah

2 thoughts on “2021 Week Two: Tilemap, SFX, Trello Improvements and Future Considerations

  1. Really appreciate the explanation of where to get the tilemap package from, the kind of thing a tutorial would easily skip over! Loving the updates Tim

    Liked by 1 person

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