Weekly Writings #1 – Welcome Writers

Weekly Writings

This is the inaugural Weekly Writings post and I have to say, I am quite excited. Having been writing for over five years, it’s rare I actually write about writing. I have had a dabble at it in the past, but I mostly write about video games, reviewing books, cosplaying and how-to’s.

Today, that changes.

Writing For You

I’d like to ask you a quick question, which I want you to have the answer to in the back of your mind:

Why do you write?

I have a few answers to this fairly simple question.

  1. Sharpening My Mind

    When I begun writing, I thought it was going to merely be a way to drum up interest. On my main website, GeekOut South-West, I chat about all sorts of geek topics. Anime, Cosplay, Video Games – These are just three things that I speak about over there.

    Over the years, I’ve come to realise that writing is so much more than marketing. It’s more than just getting people to click onto another webpage. It’s a skill, a mindset and a hobby; a particularly inexpensive hobby at that.

    If you’re looking to start writing, then I would recommend starting by writing why you want to write. Make it a 500-word article, if you can. Don’t dwell on smaller details, but elaborate on the more complex details.

  2. Interaction

    After I had written a few articles, people were responding in kind. They would like my articles, leave comments on them and share them. This fascinated me to no end, as these people had no reason to do this.

    Of course, their reason was they enjoyed interacting with my content. When I visit another blog I look to see if it’s something I would share. I leave likes and comments on other blogs, as well as reaching out by email. I have had a few people add me on Discord, so we can discuss blogging in general. My Discord server has a “Share My Blog” section, for exactly this reason.

    Outside of my school days, I didn’t really have a lot of friends. I lost my connection with most of them. After attending a convention for the first time, I wanted to meet more like-minded folk. I’m pleased to say that I met plenty of great people through blogging, some of whom have become excellent real world friends.

  3. Necessity

    After a short time, I increased the volume of articles I was writing. I started writing for other blogs, as well as my own. I kept to my own timescales and demands. This meant that I had to read a lot.

    I used to read a lot as a child, but in my adult years, my reading was limited to work. Unenthused by an underwhelming secondary education, I just didn’t pick up a book.

    Writing has given me the desire and the freedom to read again.

These are just three of my answers to the initial question. I now want you to share why you write. Leave a comment and perhaps your response will appear in next week’s article.